Paediatric Surgery


Pediatric surgery is a superspecialty of General Surgery involving the surgery of fetuses, infants, and children. The department of Paediatric Surgery is located at Sree Avittom Thirunal Hospital (SAT Hospital) which is the mother and child institution under Govt Medical College, Thiruvananthapuram.


The second ever Paediatric Surgery department in India was established at Medical College, Thiruvananthapuram. In 1954, Dr Raman Nair ( the Founder of the Department ) was appointed as tutor in Paediatric Surgery unit. He developed the unit as an independent department in 1956.

The department conducts MCI recognized post doctoral course (MCh Paediatric Surgery) since 1971 . It is presently affiliated to KUHS university and admits 6 candidates each year.


Professor and HOD   

                                       - Prof Dr S.Sethunath


                                       - Prof Dr K Sivakumar

                                       - Prof Dr G M Asok Kumar 

Addl. Professor

                                       - Dr Sunil S Menon

Associate professor

                                      - Dr Aravind C S

Associate professor (CAP)  

                                       -Dr Vivek

Assistant Professors                                    

                                      - Dr Maneesha U R

                                      - Dr Binu M K

                                      - Dr Ujjwal Singh Trivedi B

MCh Senior Residents


                                        Dr Mcenroe D Mordom                                        

                                        Dr Anit Joseph K

                                        Dr Lydia Mary

                                        Dr Aswathy Ravikumar


Senior Lecturers ( Bond)

                                       Dr Chandana Chandran

                                       Dr Vidhya Annapoorni

                                       Dr Hridya M                                      

Facilities at a glance: 

Units and Unit Chief

PS 1 unit - Prof Dr S Sethunath ( HOD & Unit Chief)

                  Dr Maneesha U R

                  Dr Binu M K

                  Dr Chandana Chandran

                  Dr Hridya M

                  Dr Lydia Mary

                  Dr Anit

PS2 unit  - Prof Dr k Sivakumar (Unit Chief)

                  Dr Sunil S Menon

                  Dr Vidhya Annapoorni

                  Dr Aswathy Ravikumar

PS3 unit  - Prof Dr Asok Kumar G M (Unit Chief)

                  Dr Aravind C S

                  Dr Vivek P

                  Dr Ujjwal Singh Trivedi B

                  Dr Mcenroe D Mordom

OP days

PS1 - Mon, Thu

PS2 - Tue, Fri

PS3 - Wed, Sat

There are 5 OT tables for each unit / week. OP patient registration and examination rooms are fully computerized.

All general paediatric surgery procedures are carried out in the department along with specialised work in Paediatric Urology, Paediatric GI surgery, Plastic Surgeries like cleft lip, cleft palate repair, Thoracic surgery, Oncology and endoscopic procedures. Laparoscopy, Thoracoscopy and US guided procedures form part of routine schedule. The department provides 24*7 casualty service and emergency treatment.

Other activities: 

14.12.2016 Dr Aravind CS joined as Associate Professor 

14.12.2016 Dr Beena SV promoted as Professor and she will be joining Govt MCH, Kottayam as Prof & HOD

Prof  Dr Asok Kumar joined the department after releiving from Govt MCH Kottayam. He is in charge of PS3 unit.

Succession List: 


1.  Dr K Mani Nainan           5/1980-3/1983

2.  Dr N Surendran              3/1983- 8/1983

3.  Dr T P Joseph                 8/1983 - 5/1984

4.  Dr K Mani Nainan           6/1984 - 4/1994

5.  Dr S Hariharan              5/1994 - 4/2002

6.  Dr N S Noorsathar       5/2002 - 4/2004

7.  Dr R Hema                    5/2004 - 4/2008

8.  Dr M K Ajayakumar      5/2008 - 5/2011

9.  Dr Mathen P George   5/2011 - 6/2012

10.Dr S Sethunath           6/2012 - 8/2014

11.Dr M K Ajayakumar   8/2014 - 6/2016

12.Dr S Sethunath          6/2016 - present

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Faculties on this department

Dr. Paediatric Surgery Admin



Assistant Professor

Dr. Asok Kumar G M


Dr. Ujjwal Singh Trivedi B

Assistant Professor


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Emergency Enquiry

MCH Casualty
(24 hrs)
ph: 0471-2528300
MCH New OP Block
(8.00 am - 02.00 pm)
ph: 0471-2528469
OP SuperSpecialty Block
(8:00 am - 5:00 pm)
ph: 0471-2528448

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